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Advance Your Skills on a Workshop Safari

Workshop safaris are geared toward participants who want maximum photo opportunities while on safari. They offer a great experience and camaraderie while sharing their adventure with a small group of like-minded photographers. Workshop safaris limit the number of photographers-per-vehicle, usually to only three persons, assuring room for lots of gear and unrestricted shooting.

These workshop safaris are led by professional photographers (Tour Leaders) that accompany you in the field and are available to provide guidance in all aspects of image capture throughout the safari.

All workshop photo safaris are package-priced and offer a great value for the discerning traveler who wants to make the most of the abundant photo-ops while on safari. Please note that while all our workshop safaris are geared for those focused on capturing great images, they vary as to the amount of formal instruction offered, depending on the leader.

We also offer small-group safaris that are led by our best Tanzanian guides who have substantial experience working with photographers and videographers. These guides have worked for NatGeo, BBC, and many professionals over the years, and are photographers themselves. These offer equal photographic opportunities to those led by pro-photographers, and are perfect for experienced photographers that simply want to be in the right place at the right time – and who know what they’re doing from there. These safaris are listed under Classic Safaris *Photo Plus, they offer everything the workshops offer (more time afield, limited people in vehicle for more room) without a pro photographer as the leader.

If you prefer going on your own, please consider arranging a private safari that is tailored just for you.

We’ll be adding many more workshop safaris as the details are finalized, be sure to check back.

Upcoming Workshop Safaris

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